I think for me, as a new parent, all information was relevant and useful. What I liked best to learn were the two key important things - "mind and body" - the importance of relations and positivity. "All the knowledge" gained about what to expect about the birth and all our options.                               Rui​

Everything was super helpful!

I liked the comfortable venue, course presentation, content, and the organisation was excellent too.  All the information and tips to be able to think of the birth as a positive experience were really life changing!


Now I feel more calm, more relaxed, more confident about how I can be in control when the day comes and I also know what tools I can use to make sure the experience is possible. (e.g. breathing. etc)     Filipa Moura

I just wanted to pass on the great news that our boy was born on 3rd May at 4:55 am weighing 2926g. The birth was a smooth experience without complications. Your classes really helped us remain in a calm state throughout the entire birth, so much so that I did not need any form of pain relief assistance.  It really was an incredibly overwhelming experience. He is so calm too. I am very glad that we chose the hypnobirthing course and I will be recommending you to all of my pregnant friends.


出産時の呼吸法や出産スタイルについての実践的なアドバイス、それから生理学や解剖学、医療的介入の内容も参考になった。日本語と英語で進めてもらったこと、親切な対応に感謝しています。                                                        J. H.


It was excellent, especially the practical advice on birthing on breathing techniques and birth position. Also, anatomy and physiology discussions were interesting. We were grateful for explanations and presentation of information in both Japanese and English, great hospitality.      J. Harvey


                        T. H.

It's covered everything that I wanted to learn! Also, I found the Japanese meditation was most helpful. It was excellent in any aspects of course and the venue was very relaxing!  Thank you very much!     T. Harvey


ヒプノバーシングのクラスはとてもリラックスできて、終わってからも自宅でCDを聞きながら呼吸の練習もしました。赤ちゃんが生まれてくるときは、自分自身がとても落ち着きコントロールできていて、お産の流れにペースを合わせていけたようでした。どんな妊婦さんにもぜひおすすめします。          マリア 

I conquered my fear of childbirth in one session. Although it was my third baby I was worried about the delivery. Opening up about it and some positive thinking made it literally disappear; those worries did not reoccur.


Hypnobirthing sessions with Hiroko and practicing relaxation and breathing with CDs at home prepared me for a birth where I felt more in control and able to cope with the physical changes of delivery.

I would recommend it to any mum to be.  Maria